Waitomo Caves

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Waitomo Caves
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You can take a memorable boat ride that quietly glides down a subterranean river. Illuminescent glowworms attached to the ceiling create a starry-night scene.

Waitomo Caves
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This 45-minute tour begins with a guided stroll along a cave walkway. After you visit the stalactite- and stalagmite-rich Catherdral Room, you enjoy the above-mentioned boat ride.

Adventure tours

he several-hour-long black water rafting tour substitutes individual rubber tubes for the boat. You silently drift down the dark, meandering waterway. An even more adrenaline-rush tour takes twice as long and involves climbing and rappelling in addition to cave tubing.


Hundreds are known. The main three for visitors are:


The standard tour operates here.


It, too, has glowworms. Ruakuri is the leading venue for adventure tours.


No river, so no glowworms, boats, nor rubber tubes. But Aranui has impressive cave formations.

Getting there

It's a 2.5-hour drive from Auckland. Don't forget to bring good-grip shoes and a jacket.

Location in New Zealand

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Waitomo Caves

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Cave photo by Alexander Lavrinovich - CC BY 2.0


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