Nazca Lines

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Why the
Nazca Lines
are special

They are a mind boggling set of extremely large scaled drawings etched along an arid coastal plateau. Scholars do not know exactly why and when they were created, and by whom.

Nazca Lines
tips and insights

The drawings

The geoglyphs (drawings etched in the earth) include fanciful animal, bird, fish, plant and human figures. Some of them are two football fields wide. The stylized drawings of a monkey (see photo), hummingbird, spider, and a man with an owl shaped head are especially popular with tourists.

The Nazca patterns also consists of numerous geometric patterns. This includes triangles and trapezoids formed by crisscrossing straight lines. Some lines are so long that they stretch beyond the horizon.

The drawings are so
expansive that their shapes
cannot be recognized
from ground level

No one in the last 1000 years knew what they represented until they were seen from the air in the 1920s. Today, there are small local sightseeing planes for tourists.

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