Fatu Hiva

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Why Fatu Hiva
in the Marquesas Islands
in Polynesia is special

Fatu Hiva attracts adventure travelers for its refreshing isolation and lush tropical, craggy landscape. The island is the remains of two calderas of once mighty volcanoes.

Fatu Hiva
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The Bay of Virgins (see photo) is the tourist jewel of Fatu Hiva.

Omoa and Hanavave

The village harbors in Omoa and Hanavave are minuscule. Sometimes they are crowded with yachts, forcing would-be visitors to sail away without stepping foot on Fatu Hiva. Rough seas and strong gusts are other nautical barriers.

Thor Heyerdral

The Norwegian Thor Heyerdral (of Kon-Tiki fame) and his newlywed wife lived primitively on Fatu Hiva in Polynesia for over a year in the 1930s. He relates his initial bliss and eventual disillusionment in his Back to Nature book.

People and

Fatu Hiva has barely 600 inhabitants. They are exceptionally warm and welcoming to visitors. Accommodations are limited and mainly consist of pensions.

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