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Many of the Polynesia medal winners are in French Polynesia, a territory of France.

My map locates the five French Polynesia island groups - and the islands that either won a Hillman medal or made my honorable mention list.

French Polynesia advice

Which Hillman Wonders
should I visit?

The five Hillman Wonder medals in French Polynesia have diverse offerings. Which is best for you? Here are two questions that will help you make the right choice.

Do you desire a
tourism infrastructure?

If you want, for example, upscale resorts, lively clubs, trendy water-sports, then click these links to learn about these wonders:

Bora Bora

Do you crave a
laid-back, less touristy,
more adventurous
French Polynesia?

Then click these links:

Fatu Hiva
Nuku Hiva
Ua Pou

What about Tahiti?

Although it's French Polynesia's most world famous island, it is hardly its best. Tahiti earns my honorable mention only because of some of its Polynesian cultural performances are exhilarating. If none meets your interests or schedule, I suggest you do not stay overnight, unless air or cruise connections make it necessary.

Yes, Tahiti has a few luxury resorts, but you will likely experience a more moving Polynesian experience staying at their counterparts on Moorea, Bora Bora, and other islands.

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French Polynesia

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Bora Bora
Nuku Hiva
Fatu Hiva
Ua Pou


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