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It's heaven's gift to the postcard industry. Even back in Roman Times Portofino was called the world's most charming port. And, 19th century sweethearts called it the perfect romantic hideaway.

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Tiny Portofino is cozily tucked into the side of a small wooded promontory on the blue Mediterranean Sea. Visual highlights include:



Portofino's miniscule bay is neatly packed with pricey yachts, common pleasure boats and, as a vestige of its past, some fishing boats.



It's lined with multicolored pastel buildings, canopied outdoor cafes and a quay fit for strolling lovers.



Portofino's surrounding hills host bougainvillea-garnished villas owned by the rich and famous.


How has Portofino
changed over time?

Through the centuries the settlement functioned primarily as a fishing village and, occasionally, as a small naval port.

Today, Portofino is a classy and world-famous resort-village. It is blessed with the Italian Riviera's sunny summer climate.

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