La Veranda and
Prime 7 Steakhouse

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Le veranda


This is the most casual of the four restaurants.

Like Compass Rose, La Veranda does not take reservations except for special dinners. It's open seating (arrive anytime and seat anywhere).

La Veranda serves a bountiful buffet spread for breakfast and lunch. If you enjoy alfresco dining, sit at a table on the open deck (weather permitting). See photo above.

At dinner, La Veranda changes into a spirited Italian trattoria. The Italian fare is augmented with Moroccan, Greek, Spanish, French and other Mediterranean culinary specialties.

Dinner has waiter service, but don't miss going to the plentiful self-service antipasto buffet for appetizers. For the main course, ask your waiter for the Bistecca di Manzo or the Osso Buco all Piedmontese.


Prime 7 Steakhouse


The venue is a posh American-style steakhouse with a clubby ambiance, including comfortable leather chairs.

Prime 7 features the expected porterhouse, rib eye, New York strip, and filet mignon steaks along with veal, lamb chops, and roasted chicken entrees.

It serves many of the cliche steakhouse appetizers, side dishes, and desserts.

Prime 7 is open for dinner only and tables are limited. Reservations are essential (make them as early as possible).

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