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Food quality is high on Regent Seven Seas Cruises Voyager.

Most Voyager passengers have sophisticated palates and dining preferences. Consequently, portion sizes are modest. For guests with heartier appetites, waiters are more than happy to serve them two appetizers, entrees or desserts.

You have a choice of four major restaurants. Which is best? I surveyed a number of guests and discovered that there was no runaway consensus winner. So dine in all four and decide for yourself.

No need to bother signing chits and calculating tips. Simply sit down, dine and leave. Your cruise fare covers food.

It also covers beverages. The house wines were consistently commendable on my voyage. For those with connoisseur tastes who are willing to pay extra, there is a wine cellar stocked with illustrious wines including Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

There are tables for two. However, if you are a couple (and not honeymooning), I suggest that you ask the maitre d' to seat you at a large table so you can meet other passengers. I do this most nights because I get to know and share experiences with interesting people over a leisurely dinner.

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