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Compass Rose Restaurant


This is the main and largest dining room on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager.

The room is large, allowing for well-spaced tables.

The Compass Rose has open seating. This means that you are not chained to a table or seating time. Reservations don't exist. You can eat whenever, wherever and with whomever.

This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The decor is classy contemporary with white linens (even at breakfast), comfortable chairs, and amply spaced tables. The room is particularly attractive at night when lights are dim.

There are many tables by the windows for sea gazing.

The Compass Rose menu is basically Continental. Try the Tournedos au Poivre entree - many guests praise it. Lobster Tails is another popular choice.

The restaurant also has vegetarian and no-salt menus.

If you crave for a particular entree that's not on the menu, the chefs will try to make it for you, providing they have the necessary ingredients aboard.


Signatures Restaurant


Regent Seven Seas Cruises has teamed up with the famed Cordon Bleu cooking school of Paris to create this upscale restaurant.

The menu is classic and traditional French cuisine with creative touches.

Don't miss the Cassoulet d'Escargot appetizer and the Tournedos Rossini main entree. The Rack of Lamb is also a good choice.

If there's one criticism of Signatures restaurant, it's that the service at times was a bit pretentious. I heard other passengers express the same feeling.

The Signatures restaurant is open for dinner only.

Jackets are required and ties recommended, even on casual-dress nights. On formal nights, it's strictly formal.

There are not that many tables, so the reservation book fills quickly. Book early.

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