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Two restaurants

Each of SeaDream's two restaurants has open seating - you sit with whom, when, and where you want. And each has sufficient tables to accommodate every guest in one seating should they all choose the same restaurant.

SeaDream menus change daily. And complimentary red and white wines are poured for lunch and dinner.

Service is professional, attentive and pleasant.

Main Dining Salon

This room is styled with crystal and china table settings. There are tables for two for lovers - and larger tables for socializing with families, friends, and new-found acquaintances. The dining room is a good place for recounting the day's adventures with your tablemates.

Topside Restaurant

SeaDream's outdoor Topside Restaurant lets you enjoy the fresh air and seascapes.


Serve yourself cereals, pastries, fresh fruits, and other breakfast buffet items. Or, order hot breakfast dishes like omelets and pancakes.


You have a choice of interesting buffet items and prepared-to-order SeaDream specialties. A canvas awning shields the overhead sun.


The personality of the restaurant morphs into a classy romantic setting with soft lights and tables set with white linens, fine china, and glistening wine glasses. Some guests call this venue at night their SeaDream favorite.

Other food offerings


Canapes and hors d'oeuvres

The staff serves them in various places on the ship, including in the Main Lounge during cocktail hour. Sandwiches are also around.

24-hour room service

You can order it off a light menu in your room. Also, you can have the dishes delivered to anywhere on the ship that hits your fancy.

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