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Port size

Because of its shallow draft (slightly over 4 meters or 14 feet), the SeaDream can visit small, charming, and lightly touristed ports of call like St Barts (see photo above). The big ships cannot.

Cruise lengths

The basic SeaDream lengths are 5, 7, 8, and 9 nights.

Back-to-back cruises

Some cruises can be combined with another cruise to make a longer one. The passenger doesn't unpack or repeat a port of call.

Itinerary flexibility

Although the dates and times for the embarkation and debarkation ports are set in stone, the Captain can adjust times (and sometimes even the ports) along the way if it would please his passengers.

Port of call departure times

While most Caribbean cruise ships leave a port in the late afternoon, SeaDream has some late evening departures to give passengers a chance to enjoy the local nightlife and restaurants.


Sometimes a SeaDream ship is scheduled to stay in a port until the next day, as was the case in St. Barts during my cruise. This gave me additional time to explore this interesting island.


The small guest capacity (112) of a SeaDream ship makes it perfect for corporate-function charters. Ditto for extended-family reunions and anniversaries. The vessel can be chartered for several days to weeks. The booker determines the itinerary.

Regional sailing calendar

Caribbean:  November to April
Mediterranean:  May to October
Trans-Atlantic:  Late April and late October

View itinerary maps

Click link to see the cruise line's Caribbean routes at a glance:

SeaDream itinerary maps

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