The anicient
Seven Wonders list
has 5 major flaws

My candid critique




The ancient Seven Wonders cover less than 5% of the world's surface - and reside in a nucleus of only 4 countries.


The ancient Seven Wonders of the World list is Greek-centric. Six of the Seven Wonders were built or inspired by Grecian culture.


The Colosseum of Rome and nearly all other standing structures that we regard today as ancient and great wonders were still unbuilt when the original list was conceived.


When the list was composed (likely in Alexandria, Egypt in the 2nd century BC), all Seven Wonders were indeed wondrous. But today, only the Pyramid of Khufu is recognizable. Time was unkind to the other six. Little if anything remains of them.


Natural wonders were ignored by the ancient 7 wonder list.

Despite its 5 flaws, the
ancient Seven Wonders
list will always be
close to my heart

It excited me as a boy with such zeal that I dreamed of someday making an adventure trip to all seven locations. Years later, my travel wish came true. I will always consider the list venerable and historically important. It kindles the wanderlust in all of us.

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Colossus of Rhodes
Hanging Gardens
Lighthouse of Alexandria
Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Pyramid of Khufu
Statue of Zeus
Temple of Artemis

Pyramids of Egypt -1
Great Wall of China - 2
Taj Mahal -3
Serengeti Migration -4
Galapagos Islands -5
Grand Canyon -6
Machu Picchu -7

The 5 major ancient list flaws
10 amazing facts


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