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Statue of Zeus

Moved then destroyed

After the statue inhabited the Temple of Zeus in Olympia for about 850 years (from around 450 BC to about 400 AD), some Greeks moved it to Constantinople (modern Istanbul). It was fortunate they did because the Temple of Zeus was destroyed shortly thereafter. However, this was only a temporary reprieve. The Seven Wonder's new home burned down in 462 AD. The Statue of Zeus was no more, forever.

No one accurately
knows what this
Seven Wonder looked like

During the statue's long life span, a variety of copies were made. All have vanished in time, so we do not have an accurate idea of what the Statue of Zeus really looked like. We have to rely mainly on written records.


The Temple of Zeus consists of fractured foundation blocks and other remnants that are mostly of interest to scholars. However, the workshop where Phidias made the Seven Wonder is an interesting tourist attraction. It is located next to the temple and was excavated in the 1950's.

Low visitor count

I was just about the only visitor at the ruins of the Temple of Zeus during my trip because Olympia is off the beaten tourist track. The on-going restoration of the Olympic Games site should boost tourism.

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