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You need a high SPF because the atmosphere is relatively thin and there is a big hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. This means substantial damaging ultraviolet light can impact your skin. Quality sunglasses are also a must because the surrounding water, ice and snow significantly reflect sunlight.

Effects of Antarctica's dry air

You need to drink much more water than you normally do. And don't be surprised if the lack of humidity straightens your curly hair a bit.

Global warming

Antarctica's glaciers and ice shelves are receding at an unprecedented modern-day rate. This has fueled the Global Warming debate.

100-max rule

No more than 100 passengers aboard an Antarctica cruise ship may  land at any given place at any given time. This rule was issued by The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) to protect the environment. This means that on large ships, your landings will be few, if any. In contrast, virtually all medium and small ships can offer every passenger one or more landings per day.

Last-minute route changes

Cruising Antarctica is a roll of the dice. An unexpected change in weather could force the captain to reroute the ship, replacing the scheduled destination you have been longing to visit with a different one. Fortunately, on luxury cruise ships, the captain has exciting substitutes up his sleeve.

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