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Best times

April and May

Weather is pleasant (though it can be nippy in early April).

The prime time for visiting is during the tulip blooming period. It usually occurs sometime between late April and early May. The exact span depends on Mother Nature's whims. The ultimate tulip-viewing location is at the world-acclaimed Keukenhof Gardens (a short drive from Amsterdam).

June to September

Hotel prices and the tourist count are high, but unlike most cities, the temperatures are comfortable, even in July and August.

Least desirable times

November to February

Days can be chilly and occasionally so cold that you can ice skate on the canals. Daylight sightseeing time is short. It's the rainy season. But on the positive side, tourist crowds have thinned, hotel prices have dipped, and Amsterdam's acclaimed cultural season is in full swing.

Another insight

Weather extremes

Amsterdam suffers less extremes in weather conditions than most other European tourism cities.

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