Honeymoon cruises

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Honeymoon cruise

Honeymoon cruise tips to learn:

Why you should make sure the ship staffers know you're on a honeymoon.

Why a pre-cruise stay is better for honeymooners than a post-cruise stay.

Why a disparity between your new married name and your maiden-name in your passport can cause a serious problem.

Honeymoon cruise

Cruise weddings to learn:

Why you should consider a cruise wedding.

The essential difference between a shipboard and a destination wedding.

How a cruise wedding coordinator can help you.

How much a cruise wedding can cost you.

Popular programs related to cruise weddings.

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Best 5 destination rankings

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The 5 most romantic cruise ships

Can you name the 5 winners?


Mistakes romantic cruisers make

You'll learn the hidden
repercussions of these mistakes

Booking the wrong period

Not asking your travel agent about the likely profile of your fellow passengers

Booking a standard cabin

Not making restaurant reservations ahead of time for tables for two

Not learning the basics if you are a cruise novice



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