Castel Sant'Angelo
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Castel Sant'Angelo
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The cylindrical 19-century-old Castel Sant'Angelo is one of Rome's most striking landmarks and has an intriguing history.

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Castel Sant'Angelo

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The 5-story building has an interesting design, inside and out. For instance, you can walk up a long, spiraling indoor ramp that abuts the circular outer wall.


Papal apartments

They were luxuriantly decorated during the Renaissance.


Prison cells

High-profile political prisoners were incarcerated (and sometimes tortured and executed) during the Castel Sant'Angelo's papal period.


Military equipment

Ancient tools of war including armor and weaponry are on display.


Rooftop terrace

Enjoy a panoramic view of Rome and the Tiber River. There's a small cafe for food, drink and relaxing.


How to
avoid the crowds

Right time

Be there in the morning when the venue opens. As a bonus, the low-angled sunlight will enhance your photos.

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