Lublin Old Town

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Lublin Old Town
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It is a well-preserved medieval town with many interesting historical structures.

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Lublin Old Town

Lublin has several dozen tourist draws. These are the most popular (listed alphabetically):


Highlights are the 13th century round castle keep and the Holy Trinity Chapel. The latter has precious Russo-Byzantine frescoes dating back to the 15th century. Climb the chapel's tower for a good view of the city.

Crown Tribunal

This former judicial building was erected in the 16th century in Market Square. Unfortunately, subsequent renovations made the Crown Tribunal visually incongruous with the older structures lining the square.

Krakow Gate

It's the prime icon of Lublin. Today, it consists of two sections built five centuries apart. A yellowish 18th century green-domed tower sits on top of the boxy 13th century red brick gate building. (See right side of photo above.)

Lublin Cathedral

This 17th century baroque church is noted for its wall and ceiling frescoes.


A former Nazi concentration camp, now a museum. Visiting it is a moving, heartrending experience that gives you keener insight into the dire deaths and sufferings of ten of thousands of the Jewish and non-Jewish inmates.

Lublin Old Town
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How to pronounce

Lublin = lubb-linn (rhymes with "pub" and "pin")

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It's best explored on foot because it's small, compact, and closed to unauthorized vehicular traffic.


The city was twice briefly the capital of Poland (1918 and 1944).

Location in Poland

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Photo by Lukaszprizy - CC BY-SA 3.0


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