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Why the
Algarve Coast
is special

It is one of the world's most popular sun-and-beach destinations. The Algarve Coast is known for its picturesque limestone rock formations (see photo) and its long string of beach resort towns.

The 2 most famous
Algarve Coast resort towns


It sits in the middle the prime Algarve Coast area. Albufeira boasts the liveliest restaurant, bar, and club scene and has good beaches (when not overcrowded).


Appeals to sun-beach-and-history seekers. Compared to beach areas farther east, the sea is not as warm, calm, and clear.

Other notable
seaside resort settlements

They include: Portimao (too large, but is near the famous Roche Beach rock formations) Sagres (windy, therefore ideal for surfers, not sunbathers) Vale de Lobo (the region's most luxurious villa-and-marina complex Vilamoura (a mass-market designer board development).


Nearly all Algarve Coast places are touristy, as are all the ones listed above. That's the nature of the Algarve Coast. However, some small fishing villages exist that offer visitors a slower paced, less orchestrated way of life.

When to come

Summer months have good weather, but large crowds. Winter months are often too chilly for swimming. Late spring and early fall are your best bets.

Location in Portugal

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Algarve Coast
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Photo by Pepe Martin - CC BY 2.0


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