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Why the
Queluz National Palace
is special

This complex is one of the last major Baroque structures built on the Continent. The Queluz Palace is a must visit for those keen on antique royal furnishings, portraits, and painted ceilings.

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Queluz National Palace

Throne Room (Hall of Ambassadors)

It has an impressive ceiling painting and is profusely decorated with mirrors. The Ballroom sports two grand chandeliers.

Royal Apartments

The Queen's boudoir and bedroom are visually striking, as are dining room and king's bedroom.


The recently renovated formal gardens feature fountains, statues, and profuse greenery.

Other leading attractions

They include the Ballroom, Chapel, and Music Room.

Queluz National Palace
tips and insights

Uses today



The Royal Guard barracks were converted into a guest house for visiting foreign dignitaries. And the Queen Maria Pavillion is now an upmarket pousada (inn).

Event venue

Classical music concerts and equestrian performances are held for the public.


The large kitchen was converted into a quality restaurant.

1934 fire

It devastated some key sections. They have since been restored.

History in brief

In the 18th century, a former hunting lodge was converted into a royal summer (then permanent) palace. Residents included the mad, politically toothless Queen Maria I.

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