St George's Castle

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St George's Castle
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While the ruin itself is appealing, it's the marvelous panoramic view of Lisbon that primarily makes a visit to St George's Castle a must do.

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St George's Castle

View overlooking Lisbon

Which is better, the view from the high ramparts or from the broad terrace below? The first gives you a sense of place, while the second offers a broader, less obscured perspective. Do both.


The ruin is interesting to explore, especially the ramparts.


This multi-media presentation gives you a commendable overvie w of the site's long and exciting history.

St George's Castle
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Camera Escura

The citadel has a Camera Escura production. As in some other cities, a special lens projects a live city view on a 360 degree screen. Some travelers - including me - don't find Camera Escuras worth their entrance fees.

History in brief

The Visigoths erected a fortification on the strategic hilltop in the 6th century. It wasn't until the 8th to 12th century Moorish rule that a formidable citadel was built. The Portuguese began enhancing it when they defeated the Moors in the 12th century. Due to neglect, the site started deteriorating in the 16th century and was dealt a near fatal blow by the 1775 Great Lisbon Earthquake. It underwent a major restoration in the mid 20th century, giving us the structure we see today.


St George's Castle is in Lisbon's Alfama quarter, which is a Hillman Wonder itself. Click Alfama to read my web page on it.

Location in Portugal

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Photo by Osvaldo Gago - CC BY-SA 2.0


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