Divrigi Great Mosque

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Why the
Divrigi Great Mosque
and Hospital in Turkey
are special

The two 13th century structures have elaborate stone carvings (see photo detail) that are both unique and magnificent.

Divrigi Great Mosque
and Hospital
tips and insights

How to pronounce

Divrigi: duh-vreh

Architectural style

It can be best described as a Baroque-influenced Islamic style.

Adjoining buildings

The mosque and hospital are two structures. They adjoin each other, creating the impression of a single-function building. The mosque occupies twice the space.


It adds interest to photographs because it sports two hexagonal cupolas that have the added function of being skylights, one for the mosque, the other for the hospital. There is also a mismatched pair of conical cones sprouting from the roof.

Who built the complex?

The ruling emir commissioned the mosque and his wife, the hospital.

Few tourists

Divrigi is a small, remote mountain town far from the well-beaten tourist paths.

Location in Turkey

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