Mount Ararat

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Mount Ararat
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It is one of the world's most significant mountains due to its geographical and political prominence - and to its Noah's Ark connection.

Mount Ararat
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This high volcano stands gallantly by itself on a vast plateau. It can be seen from four different countries: Turkey, Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan.


The United Nations agrees with Turkey that Mount Ararat now belongs to it. Armenia, which once unequivocally had sovereignty, claims it's still Armenian territory.

Noah's Ark

According to the Bible's Book of Genesis, Noah's Ark settled on a mountain when the Great Flood receded. Note: It does not refer to a specific mountain but rather to one in the general region of Mount Ararat's location.

Mount Ararat
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Two peaks

One is called the Greater and the other the Lesser Ararat (which is a satellite cone and, therefore, part of the same volcano).


The Greater Ararat (see photo) rises 5137 meters or 17,854 feet above sea level.

Snow cap

It's thick but scientific evidence indicates it is shrinking, due to climate change.

Location in Turkey

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