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How Antarctica
came to be

200 million years B.C.

Antarctica begins breaking away from the ancient supercontinent Gondwana.

200 million years B.C.

Antarctica is now completely separated from all its previously connected continents. It is surrounded by water.

Historical firsts

400 BC - Concept

Greeks postulate that there might be a large continent hugging the bottom of the earth.

1773 - Antarctic Circle crossing

English explorer James Cook did it (but he never saw the continent).

1820 - Confirmed sighting

Russian explorer Bellingshausen spots the Antarctica continent.

1821 - Confirmed landing

Crew on the American sealer ship Cecilia
set foot on the Antarctica Continent.

1911 - Geological South Pole

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his team reach it.

1956 - Tourism

Sightseeing flights from Chile take wing over Antarctica. Tourist-toting ships soon follow.

1956 - Native Antarctican

A boy is born at the Argentine research station Esperanza.

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