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Best times

April and May  / Fall

It's fall because the seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemipshere's. Temperature and humdity are pleasnt. And rainfall is moderate.

September and October / Spring

Enjoy springtime's temperatures before the summer's undesirable winter weather takes over (see "least desirable times" below).

Least desirable times

December to February  / Summer

December is the rainiest month and January and February can be uncomfortably hot and humid. Yet, interestingly, this period attracts the most visitors, resulting in high prices and crowded beaches.


It is the world's largest and greatest street party. Over a million people enthusiastically celebrate this event.

Yes, Rio's Carnival occurs within the "least desirable times" period (see above). But you should go because it's so energetic, sensuous, and spirited. Experience it at least once in your lifetime. Offical dates:
2015 = Feb 14-17
2016 = Feb 6-9
2017 = Feb 25- 28
2018 = Feb 10 -13
2019 = Mar 2-5
2020 = Feb 22-25


Rio de Janeiro's climate is mainly tropical. Therefore, you won't find extreme differences between Rio's summer and winter seasons as you would in the temperate climate zones of America and Europe. This means Rio's "least desirable times" will not be as severe as those in, for example, New York.

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