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Ipanema Beach
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The now-classic "The Girl from Ipanema" song spread the fame of this Rio beach around the globe. Like nearby Copacabana Beach, Ipanema Beach boasts a beautiful setting.

Ipanema Beach
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How it differs from
Copacabana Beach


Ipanema attracts a significantly higher percentage of locals (versus tourists).

People are generally younger, hipper, classier, and financially better off.

Restaurants, bars, clubs, and boutiques are trendier and more sophisticated (and expensive).

Though it can sometimes suffer from the overcrowding and poor water quality conditions found in Copacabana Beach, the degree is less severe.

Petty crime is less of a factor.


As in Copacabana Beach, beachgoers of a particular interest tend to gravitate to a specific posto (lifeguard watchtowers). For example, the lively Posto 9 is a big favorite among gays (though plenty of straights hang out there, too).

When to come

Summer (December to early March in Rio) is the best time. In winter, the water and air is on the cold side.

Location in Brazil

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