Niteroi Contemporary
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Why the Niteroi
Contemporary Museum of Art
is special

This flying-saucer-shaped museum is one of the most striking modernist buildings in the world.

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World-acclaimed architect Oscar Niemeyer designed the 1996 building. His body of works include Brasilia and the UN Building in New York.


Niteroi is a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, directly across the bay from it. The museum is strategically perched on a rocky promontory overlooking Guanabara Bay. Sugarloaf Mountain and Rio de Janeiro's skyline form a backdrop.


A long, serpentine ramp leads you up to the museum. It's as important a design element as the saucer-shape building itself.


A band of windows wrap around the building (see photo). They provide panoramic views.


It's the museum's structure, not its artwork that wins a Hillman Wonders of the World medal. Still, the exhibited artwork (mainly of abstract paintings and sculptures) is interesting. All are by contemporary Brazilian artists.


Most Brazilians refer to the Niteroi Contemporary Museum of Art as MAC-Niteroi or simply MAC.

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