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Why Corcovado
National Park
is special

This remote destination is one of our planet's most biodiverse preserves.

Not for everyone

Corcovado National Park is ill-suited for the average traveler, but perfect for the well-fit, backpacking adventure traveler. You need to hike long distances on dirt trails in varying condition - or along lengthy beach routes intersected by fast, need-to-ford rivers inhabited by crocodiles and even sharks. To make matters worse, the climate is hot and humid year round.

The appeal

Besides the sense of adventure you get by being in this far-from-civilization preserve, you gain an incredible wildlife viewing experience.

Best and worst
times to come


Mid-December to mid-April

This is the dry season and therefore best time.

Mid-April to mid-December

You'll be in the rainy season. Trails could become muddy to the point of being impassible. And fording rivers would become a big problem.

Accommodations in the park

They consist of the tent you bring in or in one of the no-frills dormitory bed at the Serena ranger station (reservations are advisable).

Length of Stay

Some visitors stay for several days while others daytrip by flying into and out of the Serena air strip on a small plane.

Location map

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