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The four attractions below (listed alphabetically) win my Hillman Wonders
of the World medal.

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Arenal Volcano National Park

You see a mighty volcano erupting relatively close to you.


Corcovado National Park

You explore one of the world's most diversified fauna and flora preserves.


Manuel Antonio National Park

You sunbathe on beautiful tropical beaches and take interesting trail hikes into a lush, wildlife-rich rainforest.


Monteverde Cloud Forest

You experience a cloud forest firsthand as you walk up on an easy-to-hike trial.

Costa Rica
conversation pieces
for travelers

First European visitor

It was Columbus in 1502 during his fourth and final voyage.

Volcanos galore

There are seven active volcanoes and over 100 dormant ones.

Leading exports

Bananas and coffee top the list.

Leading import

Tourists are number one. Retirees from Canada and America are also major sources of foreign money.

Affectionate nicknames

Costa Ricans call males "Ticos" and females, "Ticas".

Worldwide praise

The country is heralded by environmentalists around the world for its staunch dedication to preserving its biodiversified flora and fauna.

No army

Costa Rica has not had an army since 1948 when President Ferrer abolished the army to prevent the possibility of future military coups (which have been common in Central America).

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Corcovado National Park
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