Manuel Antonio
National Park

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Manuel Antonio
National Park
is special

This small nature preserve provides visitors with beautiful tropical beaches and wildlife-rich hiking trails.

Best beach

There are four beaches. Playa Manuel Antonio is the best because it sits in a snug, secluded crescent cove backdropped with lush tropical rainforest growth and flanked with rocky seascapes. And it has the calmest surf, making it the best for swimming and snorkeling.


These easy paths lead into the dense rainforest where you will see a wide diversity of wildlife (including many tropical birds and the photogenic white-faced Capuchin monkey).


I recommend that you visit the trails with a guide because you will see far more animals and birds than if you hiked on your own. You will also learn more about them.

When to come

January to March is the dry season, thus the best period. Expect a lot of rain if you come in the months from April to December.

Daytrip or overnight?

Most visitors daytrip from Costa Rica's capital San Jose, which is about 2.5 hours away by road. You can also travel by plane. If overnighting, you have a choice of local accommodations in various categories,

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