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the Monteverde
Cloud Forest
is special

Slow moving misty clouds caress the tall trees. creating a mystical ambiance and a rich biodiverse flora and fauna.

Mist source

Monteverde sits on the Continental Divide where warm moist trade wind-blown air from the Caribbean plows into the colder, drier Pacific air. This produces the mist which provides needed moisture for Monteverde's rich wildlife and flora.

Two basic ways to
experience Monteverde


From ground level

A network of well-maintained trails (see photo above) wend through the Monteverde site. You can explore these on your own or with a guide (recommended).

From the treetop level

You have several options: Sky Train, Sky Trek, Zip-Line, and Canopy Tour,


Ferns and colorful plants including orchids and bromeliads cling to the trunks and limbs of the tall trees to increase their exposure to moisture.


Several hundred species dwell here, including the resplendent Quetzal. If you're lucky, you'll see this rare bird.

When to come

The annual rainfall is approximately 4 meters (13 feet), but it's lightest from mid- December through mid-April. The best time of day to visit is early morning when the gates open. You'll see more wildlife and fewer tourists.

The founders

Monteverde was started in the 1950s by a group of anti-war American Quakers who migrated here during the Korean War to avoid the draft.


Monteverde Cloud Forest is about 175 kilometers (110 miles) by road from San Jose, Costa Rica's capital. Figure on about 3 hours driving time.

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