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Why Dubrovnik
is special to cruisers

Dubrovnik is an endearingly picturesque Adriatic Sea port town with a rich history.

Dubrovnik attractions


The tightly quartered buildings inside the city walls are photogenic. Narrow, stone streets add to the charm.

Ancient City Walls

They are Dubrovnik's icon. Leisurely amble on the pathway that runs on top of the rampart on the tall, thick, long stone walls. You'll have a striking view of Dubrovnik's old buildings.


Dubrovnik's main street - the Stradun - cuts across old town. It is lined with shops and bookended with fountains. In tourist season, it's populated with strolling tourists and locals.

Other leading
Dubrovnik attractions include

Aquarium and Maritime Museum

Both are interesting.

Bell Tower

Dominates the skyline.

Cable car

Takes you up the mountain for a panoramic view of the town and beyond.

City Gates

Two (Pile and Ploce) are grand and impressive.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

Don't miss it and its treasury.

Dominican Monastery

Its centuries-old cloister is a visual treat.

Franciscan Monastery

It is especially known for its Library and Old Pharmacy.

Onofrio's Fountain

Boasts a photogenic dessign.

Old Port

It's now a marina speckled with small pleasure boats.

Rector's Palace and Sponza Palace

Both palaces boast a photogenic architectural design.

St Blaise Church

This 18th-century church has an interesting facade and some appealing artworks.

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