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By changing the water in step 2, you minimize the flatulent effect of the beans.


If you can make your own confit d'oie or confit de canard, by all means substitute it for the duckling in this recipe.


To help prevent it from burning and thereby becoming bitter, proceed promptly from step 5 to step 6.


If fresh vine-ripened tomatoes are unavailable, substitute canned imported Italian plum tomatoes.

Cooking pot

The traditional casserole for the Cassoulet is earthenware.


Select a garlicky sausage, such as kielbasa.


Should you add the salt at the beginning of the recipe, the bean skins will unnecessarily toughen.

Serving suggestions

Side dish

A Cassoulet can be a meal all by itself, but a green salad on the side does the "pride of Languedoc" justice.


Serve a medium-bodied red wine with some acidity - Languedoc, the wine of the region, complements its gastronomic compatriot admirably.



Experiment with other meats. How about fresh lamb or mutton, fresh or smoked goose or game birds, calves' feet, veal or pork breast, pork rind, smoked pig's cheek, or ham hocks?


After pushing the crust into the bean and meat mixture, return the casserole to the oven and let a new crust form. Repeat this cycle two or three times.


Plan ahead

A Cassoulet is a natural leftover dish, as its flavor improves each time it is stored and reheated, Therefore, make more than you plan to eat the first day.

Pot sizes

As the quantity of the Cassoulet dwindles, transfer it to a smaller casserole.



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