Cha Chiang Mein

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Cha Chiang Mein

Cooking oil

If you don't have sesame oil, substitute vegetable oil. Some type of oil is essential, because it helps keep the noodles from sticking together as they cook and as they sit in the serving bowl.

Cooking time

Do not overcook the noodles in step 2 or they will become mushy.


When stir-frying in steps 4 and 5, constantly toss the ingredients in the oil in the bottom of the wok.

Black beans

Black bean sauce may be substituted for the black beans if it is not overly seasoned.

Cha Chiang Mein
serving suggestions


Cha chiang mein is an ideal one-dish quick lunch for a nonsummer day.


Serve the noodles with a hot clear soup.


End the meal with fresh fruit followed by tea.

Cha Chiang Mein


Add to your preparation one or more of the following vegetables, cut into julienne strips: bamboo shoots, carrots, cucumbers, or white radishes. Bean sprouts are another possibility.

Chili oil

Substitute it for the sesame oil.



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