Nasi Goreng

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Nasi Goreng


Do not overcook the rice in step 1 or it will be too mushy to fry properly. And, unless the rice is cooked at least several hours beforehand, it will be insufficiently dry for the frying step.

Chicken Breast

Remember, the term chicken breast indicates the whole breast rather than just the left or right side.

Shrimp paste

If it is available, use trasi, the Indonesian shrimp paste. If shrimp paste (including trasi) is not available, substitute anchovy paste.

Handling chilies

Handle the chili peppers with caution. Do not touch your eyes when slicing the peppers. Promptly wash your hands, the knife blade, and the work surface when the cutting task is completed.

Chili hotness

Adjust the quantity of chili peppers upward or downward in keeping with your tolerance for chilies.


If you have a wok, use it in place of the skillet.

Nasi Goreng
serving suggestions


The most popular accompaniment to Nasi Goreng is krupek, which are crisp, deep-fried shrimp wafers.

Other popular side dishes

They include sambal (a spicy Indonesian condiment) and roasted peanuts.


Wine is not a suitable choice; beer is.

Nasi Goreng


Garnish the mound with fried eggs rather than with shredded egg pancake.

Other garnishes

They include mushrooms, sweet peppers, and raw or parboiled green vegetables.


Substitute crab or lobster meat for the shrimp.


If your refrigerator contains a leftover meat (including beef or lamb), consider adding it to your creation.


Give your Nasi Goreng added color and pungency with coriander leaves.



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