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Why is
Osso Buco special?

Osso Buco is veal shank braised with onions, wine, and tomatoes and garnished with a piquant mixture of lemon rind, garlic, and parsley. The jewel of this preparation is the bone marrow, which is traditionally extracted with a tiny silver spoon made especially for this gastronomic task. I've heard Italians fancifully call this implement the agente Belle fasse, "tax collector."

When did you
come upon this recipe?

It was the season in the Lombardy region of Italy when brief, bright days and long, lazy nights disrupt the normal flow of daily farm activities. The extra evening hours allowed my host, his wife, and me to linger peacefully at the massive farmhouse table, savoring each bite of Osso Buco.

What is the
dish's proper name?

Osso Buco ("hollowed bone") is also known in the plural form, Ossi Buchi. By either name, just the thought of this dish is sufficient to set my gastric juices in motion.

What are some
of the other famous
Lombardian specialties?

They include vitello tonnato (simmered boneless leg of veal served cold with a tuna-mayonnaise sauce), costoletta alla milanese (Milan's version of Wiener schnitzel), risotto alla Milanese (saffron-flavored rice), and minestrone soup.



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