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If palm nut oil is unavailable

Use olive oil. Also substitute 12 centiliters (1/2 cup) pureed tomatoes for the 6 centiliters (1/4) cup of the water in step 7 - this gives the dish some of its characteristic reddish hue that would otherwise have been imparted by the palm nut oil.

When handling chili peppers

Do not touch your eyes. Thoroughly wash the knife blade, your hands, and the work surface when you complete the cutting task.

Chili hotness

Adjust the quantity of chili according to your degree of built-up immunity to that spice but, remember, Vatapa is supposed to be hot.

Halibut substitutes

They include cod and striped sea bass.

Coconut milk

Do not let it boil for even a second throughout the recipe.

serving suggestions


Ladle your Vatapa into shallow soup bowls. By the time the preparation is cooked, it will have the consistency of a thin porridge.

Traditional accompaniments

Serve Vatapa with pirao de arroz com leite de coco, a cold pudding made with rice flour and coconut milk. Plain rice served steaming hot is also popular. Cold beer is the preferred alcoholic beverage for Vatapa.



Add some shelled and deveined fresh shrimp to the recipe 1 or 2 minutes after you add the fish in step 8.


Use them whether or not you use palm nut oil.


Substitute almonds or cashew nuts for the peanuts. Brazil nuts can be used, too.

Extra ingredients

In place of it, use manioc, rice flour, cornstarch, or bread crumbs to thicken the dish.


In place of it, use manioc, rice flour, cornstarch, or bread crumbs to thicken the dish.

Meat substitution

Use pork or chicken as the main ingredient.



Famous peasant dishes

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Oyako Donburi  Japan
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Tom Yam Kung  Thailand
Vatapa  Brazil
Yalanci Dolma  Turkey

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