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Famous specialties of
Naples and Campania

Bistecca alla Pizzaiola

A thin, usually tough beefsteak masked with a garlicky, oregano-flavored tomato sauce.

Calzone alla Napoletana

Deep-fried, crescent-shaped dough stuffed (usually) with ham-flecked mozzarella cheese.


A baked dish comprising alternating layers of wide noodles, cheese, and seasoned meat sauce. (This dish is equally popular in several other Italian regions.)

Mozzarella in Carrozza

Sliced eggplant baked with cheese and a garlic and oregano-laced tomato sauce.

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Sliced eggplant baked with cheese and a garlic and oregano-laced tomato sauce.


The Neapolitan version (topped with ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, sliced sausage, anchovies and tomato sauce) is popular worldwide.

Naples and Campania
tips and insights

Campania cooking
has spread globally

To most foreigners "Italian cuisine" is basically Neapolitan cooking because most of the Italian immigrants to the world came from the Campania city of Naples and its environs. When this ethnic group opened restaurants in their new countries, they naturally served the style of food it loved and knew best: Neapolitan (Campania) cooking.

Best city for gourmets

Naples is the top all-around food city in Campania.

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