Hunan and Yunnan cuisines

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Hunan cuisine

General Tso's Chicken

Deep fried, batter-encrusted chicken cubes are coated with a spicy, sweet-and-sour garlicky sauce.


Hunan is known for its strong, fragrant, palate-scorchingĀ  seasonings. It vies with Sichuan for being China's chili-hottest cuisine.

Yunnan cuisine

Crossing the Bridge Noodles

This soup is Yunnan's most famous specialty. It isĀ made with long rice noodles, chicken and vegetables. The name "Crossing The Bridge Noodles" refers to the act of a wife who was able to cross a bridge and deliver the soup to her scholar husband before it became cold.

Steam-Pot Chicken

The meat is steamed in a special pot with an open tube in its center.

Yunnan Ham

Cured in the cool mountain air. Somewhat akin to the Smithfield Ham of Virginia.

Varied local cuisines

Yunnan in southwestern China has extremely varied climates (tropical to Himalayan) and a multi-cultural environment (25 ethnic nationalities). This produces a wide range of local cuisines.

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