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Mandarin cuisine

Peking Duck

The succulently crisp skin of Peking (Beijing) duck is the most precious part of the dish. The diner smears a sweet bean paste with a scallion onto a thin flour pancake (or steamed bun), then rolls and eats the preparation using his hand.

Bird's Nest Soup

The nest of swallow is simmered to extract its gelatinous substance, which flavors and thickens the soup.

Chicken Velvet

A very delicate forcemeat of chicken breast and egg white. Often poached.

Tea Eggs

Hard boiled eggs, with cracked shells, are marinated in hot spiced tea until a distinctive cracked pattern and flavor is apparent.

Moo Shi Pork

Slivers of pork, egg, tiger lily buds, cloud ear fungus, and other vegetables are stir fried together, combined with a light sauce, and eaten rolled up in thin flour pancakes. Moo Shi Pork was created by peasants as a dish for using up leftovers.

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