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Wines of Sicily

The three most significant:


This is Sicily's best-known wine. It's a fortified wine similar to Sherry and Madeira. It can be dry or sweet and is widely used by chefs as a cooking wine.

Nero d'Avola

Italian wine experts consider this red to be Sicily's finest table wine.

Mt Etna

This dry white is better known abroad them the Nero d'Avalo red, but it's far from being in the latter's quality league.

Roots of
Sicilian cooking

Though several Mediterranean powers of old controlled all or parts of Sicily, it was the conquering Arabs who made the most enduring culinary imprint on this mountainous island anchored off the tip of the Italian peninsula. During the Middle Ages, the Arabs introduced the now famous Sicilian art of making sweets: sugary ices and rich pastries studded with candied fruits and almond paste.

Best city
for gourmets

Palermo is the top all-around food city in Sicily. Siracusa is the runner-up.

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