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When did you first
taste Huevos Rancheros?

I lived half a year of my childhood in San Miguel de Allende, a peaceful Mexican town built on the slope of a hill overlooking an expansive valley. It was in this environment that I was introduced to the spicy country-style eggs called Huevos Rancheros.

What was San Miguel
like at the time?

San Miguel wasn't the tourist mecca it is today, but the first wave of expatriate artists with palettes and suitcases in hand was already arriving in appreciable numbers.

The artists' "Motif Number One" consisted of the numerous Spanish Colonial buildings that lined the quaint and winding cobblestone streets.

They also took time to dab on their canvases the image of my favorite local edifice: a somewhat eccentric pink stone church steeple designed by an Indian architect who had used etchings of French cathedrals as his reference material. The result of his composition is described as Mexican Gothic.

What about
outside of town?

I also enjoyed San Miguel's countryside. My family lived in a home near the outskirts of San Miguel and frequently took horseback rides through the nearby hills, exploring ranches, farms, and wide-open country.



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