Huevos Rancheros

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Huevos Rancheros

Cooking oil

If lard is unavailable, substitute 50 milliliters (3 tablespoons) of vegetable oil and 15 milliliters (1 tablespoon) of butter.


If vine-ripened tomatoes are unavailable, use a good brand of imported plum tomatoes.


Do not sauté the onions and garlic at too high a heat or for too long. Otherwise, they will burn and develop a bitter taste.

Chili peppers

When handling them, do not touch your eyes. Wash the knife blade and work surface thoroughly when you have completed the cutting task.

Chili hotness

If you want your sauce to be hotter, add the chili seeds.


Do not overcook the tortillas in step 9 or they will become crisp and brittle.

Egg whites

In step 6, the fat must not be too hot or the egg whites will develop a rubbery texture.

Huevos Rancheros
serving suggestions


Huevos Rancheros are usually eaten for breakfast or brunch.


Garnish your dish with sliced fresh avocado.

Side dishes

Accompany your Huevos Rancheros with refried beans, queso blanco (or another soft and mild cheese), whole chili peppers, sausage, and fresh tortillas.


Hot chocolate is a popular accompaniment.

Huevos Rancheros

Flavoring agents

Experiment with different ones for the tomato sauce - fresh coriander leaves, for instance.

Twice the eggs

Prepare and serve two eggs on top of each tortilla. In this case, fry the eggs together so that they form the necessary round shape.

Cooking method

Use poached or scrambled rather than fried eggs.

Final touches

Just before you serve your Huevos Rancheros, sprinkle them with some melting cheese and run the (heat proof) platter briefly under the broiler.

Sauce location

Rather than spooning the sauce over the middle of the egg, add it around the circumference of the egg.


Instead of serving the Huevos Rancheros on dinner plates, bring them to the table on a large warm serving platter.



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