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I informally surveyed travelers staying at the Hotel de la Ville Roma InterContinental to learn why they chose it. These five reasons stand out:

Geographical convenience

It sits above the well-located Spanish Steps. And difficult-to-find taxis wait near the hotel.

Cocktail and dining venues

The 6th-floor al fresco Emperor's Terrace is open during the warmer months. It boasts a view of the Rome skyline. The view is particularly enticing at sunset and dusk. Come for cocktails or dinner.

La Piazzetta de la Ville Restaurant is the hotel's main dining venue. Some guests eat in the classy indoor dining area. Others, weather permitting, dine in the adjoining garden patio.

Business facilities and services

Business facilities and services
It has meeting rooms as well as a business center staffed by a morning-to- evening staffer.


The hotel is near the famous upscale Via Condotti shopping street.

Rooms and suites

There are just 192 guest rooms. About two dozen are suites.

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Historical setting

The building dates back to the 1500s and was once a convent. It became a luxury hotel nearly a century ago.

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Hotel de la Ville Roma InterContinental

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