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Colosseum of Rome

St Peter's Basilica

Sistine Chapel

Roman Forum/Palatine

Vatican Museums


Catacombs of Rome

Borghese Gallery

Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Note: The St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums are in Vatican City, not Rome. I include them on this top 10 list because from the tourist's perspective, they are "Rome".

Top Runners-up to
my list of Rome's 10 must sees

The city and the Vatican have attractions that just missed being on my Top 10 must see list.

They include: Saint Peter's Square - On Sunday mornings when the pope is in town, he blesses the crowd assembled in the outdoor square from the window of his study. To identify it, look for the large building standing behind the colonnades on your right. The window is second from the right on the top floor. Castel Sant'Angelo - Avoid crowds by arriving before the ticket gate opens at 9 am. You'll better enjoy the experience of walking up and down its renowned spiral staircase in this relatively small cylindrical fortress (now a museum).

In Rome, other deserving attractions include:  Campo de Fiori Capitoline Museums Piazza Navona  San Clemente Basilica  Sant'Ignazio Church Trastevere district. 

Top half-day trips

Both can be reached in 45 minutes, traffic permitting.

Ostia Antica - Its ruins are better preserved than Pompeii's.

Villa d'Este - This Renaissance-era garden is noted for its fountains.

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