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Legend tells us that Rome was named for Romulus, a mythical founder of the city. He and his baby twin were abandoned and then suckled by a she-wolf (see photo).

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Avoid July and August. It can be uncomfortably hot and excessively crowded with tourists.  Best times are spring and fall.  See the temperature, rainfall, and tourist-count graphs in my Best time to visit Rome web page.


It is not part of Rome, but rather is surrounded by Rome. It isn't even part of Italy. The Vatican is an independent state.

Top 10 most famous
Roman Emperors

More than 100 ruled. These are the ten most famous:

1 Augustus  (ruled 31 BC to 14 AD)
2 Nero  (54-68)
3 Tiberius (14-37))
4 Claudius  (41-54)
5 Trajan  (98-117)
6 Caligula   (37-41)
7 Hadrian  (76-138)
8 Marcus Aurelius (161-180)
9 Vepasian  (69-79)
10 Diocletian (285-310)

Notes: Some people think of Julius Caesar as a Roman Emperor, but in reality he wasn't one. Emperor Constantine is not on this list because his main base was Constantinople, not Rome.


Nearly 3 million people live in Rome today


Virtually all citizens are Roman Catholic.


Rome is the third most touristed European city (after Paris and London)

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