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Looking like a tourist

Foreign visitors attract robbers, hooligans, and other types that could cause you harm. So don't stand out as a tourist. Blend in with the locals as much as possible. This means not over or underdressing – and not wearing your country's name or sport team's logo on your hat or garment.

Hanging around at a public disturbance

Promptly leave when you see a commotion. It can turn ugly suddenly.

Insufficient hotel door security

In addition to the door lock, use the chain lock when you are inside. If your room lacks the latter, wedge the top of a chair under the door knob.

Not prechecking a rental car

Some travelers have had serious road accidents not because of their driving but because they had a faulty rental car. Causes includes faulty brakes and worn tires. So check out the vehicle before you leave the lot.

Not learning two local safety words

Know how to shout "help" and "police" in the country you're visiting..

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