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The world has hundreds of major dive destinations and sites. These are the top 10. The selections below are either individual sites or areas with a collection of outstanding sites

Great Barrier Reef - Australia

It is the world's grandest reef complex and hosts 1,500 different fish species. Note: The sooner you dive here, the better, because of the negative impacts of tourism, overfishing, pollutants, and possibly Global Warming. Great Barrier Reef for my 3-page web guide.

Palau Islands - Palau Republic

This beautiful, off-the-beaten-path South Pacific archipelago has a variety of excellent diving sites. Jacques Cousteau helped make Palau's underwater paradise world famous. Blue Corner Wall.

Ras Mohammed National Park - Egypt

It has approximately 200 coral and 1,000 fish species, all of which are well-protected by government policy. Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef. Ras Mohammed for my web page.

Barrier Reef Reserve - Belize

This destination is the world's second longest reef and has good marine life diversity. It mostly flanks Belize. Blue Hole. Barrier Reef Reserve for my web page.

Truk Lagoon - Micronesia

Wreck divers love it. Dozens of attacked Second World War Japanese ships (some quite large) and aircraft lie quietly on the lagoon's shallow bed, waiting to be explored.

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The Top 10 dive destinations list is an impartially researched consensus of globetrotting advanced divers and PADI instructors whom I polled on my travels.

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