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travel theft mistakes

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Top 10 rankings
Travel theft mistakes

Not using a money belt
Having your passwords stolen
Not reporting lost or stolen card promptly
Not minding your luggage
Setting a bag down at a cafe
Not securing your bags on a train
Looking like a tourist
Not counting your change
Not checking bank and card statements
Falling for the spilled-food trick

Top 10 rankings
Travel theft mistakes #1 to 5

Not using a money belt

I strongly recommend wearing a money belt or neck wallet hidden under your shirt. It foils pick pockets.

I don't recommend a fanny pack, even if you wear it in front of your stomach. Fanny packs visibly tell thieves that you are carrying valuables - and where they are located.

If you must use a pocket wallet, store it in your front (not back) pocket. Better yet, keep it in a zipped inside coat pocket or in a locked bag with the strap hung around your neck.

Having your password stolen

Some internet café computers and Wi-Fi systems have thief-installed apps that record your key strokes to steal your passwords. To be safe, assume that one has been installed.

If you are unsure of the security of a computer, use it only for accessing non-password-required data. Examples: News, train schedules, weather reports.

Don't forget to log out when finished. If you have remaining doubts about the security, turn off the computer after logging out.

Generally, hotel computers are much safer than ones in internet cafés – and hard-wired systems are safer than Wi-Fi ones.

Not reporting lost or
      stolen cards promptly

You may be the one who has to cover the monetary loss if you report the absent card tardily.

Not minding your luggage

Minimize the time your suitcase is out of sight on an airport's carousel – or is sitting unattended in a hotel lobby.

Setting a bag down at a cafe

Some crooks specialize in café and restaurant bag thefts. Thwart them by putting your leg or your chair's front leg through the strap's loop. Either way, keep the bag between your feet.

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