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Not securing your bags on a train

On overnight train rides, use a chain and quality padlock to connect your suitcase handle to a solid fixture. Otherwise, you could wake up to an unpleasant "where's my bag?" surprise.

Inviting rental car break-ins

Don't leave telltale guidebooks and maps exposed in your parked rental car.

Not counting your change

Some clerks, taxi drivers, and money changers deftly short change travelers.

A variant of the short change tactic is subtly replacing the big bill you gave with a smaller bill - and then claiming it's the one you gave. Advice: Clearly state the bill's value ("Here's 20 marks") as you hand it over.

Not checking bank and card statements

You should check for fraudulent withdrawals and card charges when you return home. Do this for at least several months.

Falling for the spilled-food trick

Be suspicious if someone spills a drink or food on you, especially if he apologizes as he energetically pats your soiled clothes with a cloth. He could be lifting your wallet or he has an accomplice behind you doing the same.

There are many variations of this ruse including being surrounded by a group of arm-flapping children asking you to sign a petition.

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