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Adventure sport #3

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Whitewater rafting

The Ajung rapids are rated Class 2 -- ideal for rafting novices who want an adrenaline rush without being scared to death. Some pointers:


Beautiful setting

Although there are more challenging rapids in the world, the 11 kilometer (7 mile) run in the deep & steep tropical Ajung River gorge near Ubud is beautiful.

What you see

You pass isolated rice terraces, dangling jungle growth and high waterfalls.

You participate

Your 4 to 6 passenger rubber raft is stirred by an able skipper while you and your mates do the paddling.

Other Bali
adventure sports

These are
well-established in Bali

Each of these sports has an entrenched tourism infrastructure.

Hiking and trekking

Walk through tropical foliage and scale active volcanoes.


Bali has the right boats, strong winds and open seas to gratify seasoned sailors. You can even rent and sail a tiny outrigger canoe on the ocean.


Hop the waves on a sail-surfboard.


View the coastline from a seagull's eye view.

Bungee jumping

Several daunting sites serve those who dare.

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